Recovering Roots to Grow Branches

Project Logo Design Competition Rules

I. The competition

1. The competition is organised within the Erasmus+ project entitled ‘Recovering Roots to Grow Branches’. The project is carried out by the partner schools from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Greece in the years 2018-2020.

2. The coordinating school “Ramiro Fabiani” from Italy is responsible for the competition.

II. Competition details

1.The aim of the competition is to select a common project logo to be used all through the project lifespan.

2. The logo will be used by the partner schools for identifying, advertising, communicating etc. purposes.

3. The competition opens on 12th November 2018 and closes on 21st December 2018.

III. How to enter

1. This competition is open to the students from the partner schools selected by Technology and Art teachers.

2. The logo can be created either individually or in group. Only one submission per student/group will be accepted.

3. By participating in the competition, participants accept all competition rules and agree to be bound by them.

4. Any person/group submitting a logo proposal for the competition certifies that he/she/they are the designers. He/she/they also certify that the logo does not infringe the rights of any third party and is not in violation of any copyright.

5. The winning design will become the official logo for the Erasmus programme.

6. The competing works become the property of the Erasmus project from the date they are received. The designer waives any copyright in their design.

IV. Requirements for entries

1. In order to be eligible, entries must be submitted in the following format: − the logo must be created using any computer programme or be a hand-made work − entry is an image of the JPG or PNG type, − total volume of the file should be no more than 1,5 MB, − a maximum dimension is 600×400 pixels − entries must bear no signatures or any personal signals

2. The logo should also:

a. be readable and memorable,

b. relate to the theme of the project,

c. consist of: − only words, − only graphics − a combination of words and graphics

d. not be too colourful (3-4 colours), thus being easily reproducible

3. Pupils can submit their entry on a pen drive or forward it in a separate email as JPG/PNG file and sign „Logo – Erasmus” to the Technology teacher in charge in the school. For each entry submitted, the teacher will state the student’s name, class, school, the computer programme he/she/they have done their work in.

V. Sumbmission guidelines

1. Pupils have to submit their logo within 7th December 2018 to the school Technology teacher in charge.

2. Each school coordinator together with the Jury made up of teachers involved in the Erasmus project choose the best logo.

3. The coordinator of the project sends the best logo to the Italian project coordinator ( within 14th December 2018.


Here is the winning LOGO:

And the other LOGOS: